Meet our Most Valuable Partners!

We are very proud of our ability to watch and award some of our best performers. What you see are our newly branded Man of the Match awards prepared for our competitors. Unlike the last tournament we have decided to simulate graphics of the ongoing matches where our players have shown the best performance!

Through this award journey we have met a few very valuable partners who support our young players in their outstanding play. One of them is our Most Valuable 5 comodity partner, a brand product for top training performance and recovery – Move On! We want to thank this regular partner for being a part of our growing futsal institution and supporting our players in their improvement. We are more than happy to have you as a partner!

Speaking of a hard work, we would also like to point out these amazing handmade hearts made by our another regular partner! Thank you Licider Na Dar for going an extra mile to carry on pure futsal love!

Spend another amazing futsal day with us! Let’s make it even bigger this time!

Love life, live futsal!

Move On
Licider Na Dar

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