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During our branding journey we have met many amazing people and businesses.Few of them took our attention with the unique quality they are delivering worldwide! We are very proud to introduce you to Se7en Sport Serbian sports equipment who made this amazing image of our brand!

A lot of you asked where you can get our printed designs. Soon we will have them available in our FLS Shop included on our web page! We are looking forward to the upcoming partnership and we can’t wait to share our branded equipment with you guys!

Another partner who took our attention with their pure quality comodities didn’t mind to make a last minute delivery for us! In search of most suitable prizes for our amazing performers we have noticed the best of best in the goalkeepers equipment business!

181 Keepers sent us some of their branded top quality knee pads all the way from Portugal to support our best performers! We can’t wait to share these with you! Thank you 181 Keepers for these amazing gifts! We can’t thank you enough for this effort!

Nurture your values – Love life, live futsal!

Se7en Sport
181 Keepers

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