Finals are taking place tomorrow

We have made it to the final day of the competition! We believe all of our teams did a very good job in making this tournament attractive!

Nothing less than other teams, Slovakia and Croatia showed a very good quality in the group phase! We are looking forward to seeing a 5th place match winner on Saturday 12:00h at “”Vlade Divac”” sports hall!

The second match on Saturday is a competition for a bronze medal! Third place run will start at 14:30h at “”Vlade Divac”” sports hall. Finland and Bosnia & Herzegovina will measure their strengths showing us fantastic futsal!

Grand final will take place on Saturday 17:00h at “”Vlade Divac”” sports hall! Serbia will host France in the final match of the first Futsal Love Serbia tournament! We will have a grand opening ceremony at the beginning of the match and lots of other surprises to share with you afterwards!

Support our amazing finalists with your presence tomorrow, or stream this outstanding matches through the following links:

5th/6th Place Match 12h:30: Slovakia – Croatia

3rd/4th Place Match 14:30h: Finland – Bosnia & Herzegovina

1st/2nd Place Match 17:00h: Serbia – France

Let’s make this unforgettable futsal experience !!!

Love life, live futsal!

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