Welcome to Futsal Love Serbia

We are only two days away from the opening match. What you see is one of our many gifts that we have prepared. Prints are already out waiting for you to shine!

We paid attention to every detail hoping to give you the greatest futsal experience! If you are either a player, or just a futsal fan, come and join us to make this first event unforgettable!

The group phase of the competition will be held according to the following schedule:

16:30 Group A (Serbia – Finland)
19:00 Group B (Bosnia and Herzegovina – Croatia)

16:30 Group B (France – Bosnia and Herzegovina)
19:00 Group A (Serbia – Slovakia)

16:30 Group B (Croatia – France)
19:00 Group A (Finland – Slovakia)

Thanks to Srbija Futsal Uživo we will be having all the matches going live! Stay tuned for the upcoming stream info.

Love life, live futsal!”

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