Serbia remains on top in Group A

Serbia remains on top in Group A with the second Man of the Match award in a row.

The whole match was marked in a sign of amazing futsal skills shown on both Serbian and Slovakian side of the field! After a long match Serbia has secured a leading position in the group A.

The match seems to be one of the most attractive performances so far according to many parameters! Crowd decided Serbia had an individual standing out! Andrija Marjanović has shown a full dedication and commitment to his team! Congratulations on the great performance and good luck in finals our friend.

Richard Bačo (Slovakian Selector): Serbia showed that they were well prepared. They deserved a win and we congratulate them on the performance.

Dominik Podhajeczky (Slovakian Goalkeeper): This is our first match and the result is not the best, but we will give the best of ourselves to enter the bronze medal run.

Vladimir Jovanović (Serbian Selector): We did better unlike the last time in regards to our performance. The team showed a true commitment which I believe was recognized in the field.

Andrija Marjanović (Serbian Player): I am proud of my team being the host of the tournament and showing the best quality at the same time. We will do our best to keep this focus in the final match.

Slovakia has one more match against Finland fighting for the second position in the group A. We wish them good luck in the rest of the competition!

Love life, live futsal!

Andrija Marjanović

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