Second matchday will start today

Second matchday will start today with the shootout between Belarus and Romania! Two best positioned – Serbia and BIH will fight for the top of the list !

Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina had a better score in yesterday’s opening kickoffs. These two teams are currently leading the group with BIH being better with the goal difference of 4! We already saw the pure futsal quality of those two! This is without any doubts a very promising match!

With non the less quality Belarus and Romania finished on the lower half of the standings. We are very excited to have our winter edition debutants compete against each other in the afternoon hours!

If you are a futsal fan, come and join us at “”Vrnjacka Banja”” sports hall. We are waiting for you with the live futsal spectacle! If you are not able to attend, feel free to give our teams support through the streaming links:

16:30h: Serbia – Bosnia & Herzegovina
19:00h: Belarus – Romania

Love life, live futsal!

Serbia – Bosnia & Herzegovina
Belarus – Romania

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