Perfect Man of the Match score thanks to Pavle Savković

Serbia unbeatable in the Futsal Love Serbia competition with a perfect Man of the Match score thanks to Pavle Savković!

The last match of the Winter edition officially ended. Closing match between host and Romania resulted in a total of 5 scores from the Serbian side! Their amazing performance made Serbia the only team with total 6/6 awards in two FLS tournaments!

The first time since the FLS foundation one of the players got his second Man of the Match award! The award was given to one of our best individuals Pavle Savković for the amazing game performances in the tournament! Congratulations Pavle!

Romania ended this tournament without scores in the final match which leaves them in 4th place of our standings. Due to technical reasons, statments from both of our teams in this match weren’t collected.

We congratulate both teams on the well played match and we wish them a lot of great things in the future!

Love life, live futsal!

Pavle Savković

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