France going up to the top after the first round

France going up to the top after the first round ending with a first Man of the Match award handed out to Ibrahima Niakate.

Bosnia & Herzegovina have lost their second match after a big win against Croatia in the first kickoff! After a good struggle for the first score, France showed a dominant game in the second halftime and ended the match with the difference of 6.

Although Bosnia & Herzegovina showed a good resistance, France had amazing standouts of individual players! We will use this opportunity to congratulate Ibrahima Niakate on his outstanding performance! Good job Ibrahima, and good luck in the following match.

Ivo Krezo (BIH): Last time we spoke about our late arrival. Seems like two matches in a short period of time was too much for our team to handle.

Mateo Poljarić (BIH Player): We definitely had a lack of time to recover. We did our best in both kickoffs and are hoping for the best outcome in the last match between Croatia and France.

Clement Lerebours (French Selector): We were well prepared for this match. We believe analyses of the opponent are very important and that’s what is keeping us on a high level.

Leo Faytre (French Player): The match was in line with our expectations. We are striving for first place in a group and we will go for a win against Croatia.

The decisive day for a Group B will happend tomorrow at 16:30h. Follow our live stream links for the pure futsal quality!

Love life, live futsal!

Ibrahima Niakate

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