First Futsal Love is officially over

Serbia celebrating first place in Futsal Love Serbia U19 Autumn Cup at home !!!

Even though the circumstances have left our champions without three players from the starting lineup in the final match, they have made it to the penalty kick and won a cup with one score difference! Congratulations guys, you have a big heart !!!

Futsal Love Serbia ended with following standings:

1st place – Serbia
2nd place – France
3rd place – Finland
4th place – Bosnia & Herzegovina
5th place – Croatia
6th place – Slovakia

Best Performance Awards:

Best Goalkeeper: Vedad Jašarević (BIH)
Best Player: Mateja Ćirka (Serbia)
Best Shooter: Eero Kaisto (Finland) & Pavle Savković (Serbia)
Best Coach: Vladimir Jovanović (Serbia)

Most Valuable 5:

Vedad Jašarević (BIH)
Mateja Ćirka (Serbia)
Eero Kaisto (Finland)
Imani Abdou Moutsachoi (France)
Dominik Čičić (Croatia)

We are using this opportunity to congratulate all of our teams for boosting our tournament with their performance! We are happy to see you enjoying it as much as we are!

We also want to thank our friend Milan Mitrović Photography for doing an amazing job capturing all the amazing moments of the event! Check out the Award Ceremony gallery and see all the prizes handed out to our best performers!

Thank you for being amazing and making this unforgettable experience! Together we are a futsal institution !!!

Till the next happening – Love life, live futsal!

Award Ceremon
Milan Mitrović Photography

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