Finland takes 3rd place being better in a penalty shootout

We have a bronze medalist!

After a good struggle on both sides, the match was decided with a penalty kick! Bosnia & Herzegovina lost with a score of 5:4 in this duel.

The match was marked with a save by Suomi goalkeeper Aatu Nieminen, which makes a total of two Man of the Match awards going to the home of Finland! Good job guys, keep shining !!!

Miko Čampara (BIH Coach): Our team had their last gathering around one year ago but they still did an amazing job in performing. Many great things are ahead in this generation. These players are simply living futsal.

Faruk Brkanić (BIH Player): Tournament is organized on a very professional level, from the accommodation to the competition itself including licensed referees. It’s always a pleasure performing in these conditions.
Juha Ojanpera (Goalkeeper Coach): We are very satisfied with the players’ performance as well as with the final outcome. We believe more teams in the competition would make this tournament even greater.
Aatu Nieminen: We enjoyed the tournament as well as our stay in Serbia a lot. Playing high level tournaments is always helpful in qualification preparations. We would certainly love to join your tournament again.

We thank both teams for their participation and congratulate them on the amazing performance!

Love life, live futsal!”

Aatu Nieminen

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