Bosnia and Herzegovina takes the lead in the competition

Second Man of the Match award went to BIH for the amazing performance of Faruk Brkanić!

After a convincing start Bosnia and Herzegovina boost themselves up to first place in the winter tournament edition! With a total difference of 7 they have managed to take the leading position and put Romania in last place so far.

Convincing win of BIH brought some of the amazing individuals to this tournament! The Man of the Match award went to hands of Faruk Brkanić for the most outstanding performance and goal scoring! Congratulations our friend!

Endre Cacso (Romanian Selector): We have played below our expectations. The opponent was great and we congratulate them on well played match.

Robert-Vasile Caruntu (Romanian Goalkeeper): The lack of organizatio nand lust for the win costed us this match.

Nijaz Mulahmetović (BIH Selector): We are satisfied with our play and amazing score difference. We played tired but our tactics and communication were on the highest level.

Miloš Radujković (BIH Player): We entered this game with confidence. We believe we are on the right way to win the trophy that slipped from our hands in the Autumn edition.

The opening day didn’t work quite well for Romania but nothing is over yet. In tomorrow’s match they will have Belarus on the other side of the field in the second round shootout. Bosnia and Herzegovina will challenge the trophy holder Serbia in tomorrow’s afternoon match. Stay tuned for more futsal quality!

Love life, live futsal!

Faruk Brkanić

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