Bosnia and Herzegovina takes the lead in the competition

Second Man of the Match award went to BIH for the amazing performance of Faruk Brkanić!
“Serbia successful in the first round of trophy defense! Traditional opening Man of the Match award goes to Lazar Živanović!

The opening match of the tournament seemed to be very attractive according to the audience reactions! Both Serbia and Belarus gave us an amazing opening of the event! Even though we witnessed winning positions for both teams from time to time, the first round ended with one goal difference and the score 3:2 in favor of Serbia.

Some of the first individual qualities in the tournament stood out today! The first Man of the Match award went to the winning team of Serbia. We congratulate Lazar Živanović for scoring two goals for his team and showing outstanding contribution to the match!

Aliaksandr Chernik (Belarusian Selector): Match was tight till the very end. The home play worked out in favor of Serbia.

Daniil Kryvitski (Belarusian Player): We are satisfied with our performance. Those were the small differences that have decided the match.

Marko Gavrilović (Serbian Selector): We are very confident about our performance even when the results was in favor of Belarus.

Lazar Živanović (Serbian Player): The first match win means a lot for the rest of the road on the tournament. The team play was our best weapon.

Belarus will measure futsal strengths with Romania tomorrow while Serbia will defend their trophy in the competition with Bosnia and Herzegovina! Don’t forget to stream on our live channel!

Love life, live futsal!”

Lazar Živanović

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