Another Man of the Match award goes to Belarus

BIH lost their 2nd position! Another Man of the Match award goes to Belarus for the amazing performance of Daniil Vashcynin

First match of the day didn’t turn out well for BIH. Even though we saw many chances on both sides, Belarus scored more with a convincing result of 3:0! In the convincing match against BIH, Belarus again showed their team is consisted of some of the best young futsal individuals!

The decision was tough but the choice is finally made! Let’s congratulate Daniil Vashcynin on his standout in the match with BIH and in the tournament in general! Well done friend, we really enjoyed your performance!

Nijaz Mulahmetović (BIH Selector): We have ruined the impression after the win against Romania. We had better expectations. We need to prepare better in this short time period before the upcoming European Championship Qualifications.

Faruk Brkanić (BIH Player): Futsal Love Serbia is better than some qualification tournaments. We enjoyed both Autumn and Winter edition and we didn’t expect anything less from the organizers.

Aliaksandr Chernik (Belarus Selector): We are fascinated with the tournament. Both teams and organization are very helpful in our preparations for European Championship Qualifications.

Daniil Vashcynin (Player): Tournament is on the highest level. We would without any suggestions and doubts want to participate again.

Standings seem to be stable so far. Belarus takes place right after the leader while BIH gets 3rd position in the ranking! Congratulations guys, you did an amazing job!

We have only one more match until the end of the competition! There is nothing else left than to enjoy the game between Serbia and Romania!

Love life, live futsal!

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